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Rug cleaning & repairs

Dirt is the greatest threat to your rug. Our expert cleaners will remove surface dirt prior to washing the carpet. They have extensive knowledge on removing stains from natural fibres, which include cotton, wool and silk. We can give you free quote and pick up your rug.

Handmade rugs are valuable works of art. Whether antique, collectible, family heirloom or new, all hand-knotted rugs need special attention and care. 

But when damage happens, we recommend repairing your rug sooner rather than later.

We can repair any handmade or machine made area rug. 

Early detection of damaged handmade rugs are vitally important to preserve the value of your investment. As a result, the best time to get your rug repaired is NOW, before further damage is done.

Our repairers specialize in the following areas of rug restoration:

  • reweaving lost ends

  • restoring lost corners

  • moth damage

  • fixing holes with matching wools

  • restoring lost designs

  • securing fringes

  • cut or add fringes

  • spot and stain removals

  • rip repairs

  • bleeding of colors restoration

  • pet damage (chewing or urine damage)

  • water damage restoration

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